Saturday, April 20, 2013

Brew day Sunday!

It's a brew day on Sunday! Coming up, a "Dirty Fawcett" amber.

On Friday, I stopped in at Gilbertson & Page, a malt distributor near Fergus. I had an interesting chat with a new member of the team there, Shelley, who is interested in setting up that homebrew supply presence that G&P has been saying they want to do for the last two years now.

Along with the full 55lb bag of Canadian 2-row I went there for, I ended up impulse-buying a 3/4 bag of Thomas Fawcett Amber. Turns out, this amber has no diastatic power, and has a fairly strong flavour, so it's not suitable as a base grain (contrary to what I thought.) But now I have rather a lot of TF Amber.

So, I plan on dirtying up a rather straightforward ale tomorrow with the stuff. As far as recipes go, this is a simple one. 9lb of Canadian 2-row pale malt, a full 2lb of the Amber, and the last of my Willamette pellet hops.

If nothing else, we'll find out what this Fawcett tastes like.

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